Laizhou lailuote testing instrument Co.,ltd. specializes in researching&developing, manufacturing hardness testers and metallographic preparation instruments. Our products are Widely used in quality control, college, laboratories and industries.

Founded in 2007, Located in the “base of china hardness testers”-Laizhou city ,Lailuote is today one of China’s leading manufacturers of hardness testers and metallographic preparation products.Over the years we have built a professional team of engineers, scientists,marketing sales and customer services , in which many people has more than 40 years experience in this field .Specialized sales engineers can be relied on to provide a perfect solution for our customers all over the world ,it is available by phone, email and through the internet.

Lailuote has a good reputation for high technology products, quality manufacturing and unbeatable after sales support ,More and more customers recommend our products to their colleagues around the world.


Now our main products including two series: hardness testers and metallographic instruments .

Hardness testers including : Rockwell hardness tester , Brinell hardness tester , Vickers hardness tester , Leeb hardness tester , Microhardness tester , Shore hardness tester , Webster hardnesss tester.

Metallographic equipment including : cutting , mouting , grinding and polising , analysing ,etc.

We are always maintaining our commitment to providing high reliability and high performance products to meet the needs of our customers ,  to work in partnership with clients to developcost-effective solutions to materials-related problems.We creates the infrastructure to serve the diverse needs of our customers at home and abroad, we listen to our customers, focus on their needs and react fast to their requests.

Company History

★ In 2007

Lailuote was called “huayi”before, and is also a famous brand locally the main core of the company was to produce hardness testers.

★ In 2008

We began to develop and design metallographic preparation equipments .

We successfully exported our rockwell hardness testers by trading companies.

★ In 2010

We expanded our production scale .

★ In 2013

We Rebuild plants, repair or replace equipment, redevelopment of human resources, and changed our brand to “Lailuote”.

We provide OEM and ODM for customers , products are sold to more and more parts of the world .

★ In 2014

We decided to build a international marking department , and tried to export products our selves .

we introduced professional talents, expanded manufacture and export business all over the world.

★ In 2015

Our rockwell hardness testers exporting reached 1000sets annually .

★ In 2016

We employ more than 30 engineers with master’s degree .

★ In 2018

Our exporting products amount reached more than 3 million.