Classification of hardness testers

- Jan 11, 2019-

Classification of hardness testers

1. Classification by material Metal hardness tester, rubber hardness tester, stone hardness tester, fruit hardness tester

2, by name 1) Rockwell hardness tester HR surface Rockwell hardness tester HR (15.30.45) (N, T) 2) Vickers hardness tester HV 3) Leeb hardness tester HL 4) Brinell hardness tester HB ( S) 5) Shore hardness tester HS 6) Shore hardness tester HA 7) Webster hardness tester HW 8) Barcol hardness tester One unit is equivalent to press-in depth 0.0076mm

3. Classification by type Portable hardness tester (portable hardness tester), bench hardness tester, multi-function hardness tester, ultrasonic hardness tester, visual hardness tester

4. According to the indication value, the classification digital hardness tester, the pointer hardness tester, and the reading value check indicate the applicable occasion of the hardness tester. Rockwell hardness tester: Rockwell hardness value measurement for workpieces such as cast iron: Vickers hardness tester: Measurement of Vickers hardness value of thinner workpieces Brinell hardness tester: Measurement of Brinell hardness value of workpieces with higher hardness Shore hardness tester: For hardness measurement of rubber products Shore hardness tester: for aluminum Alloy products, Vickers hardness value measurement, Barcol hardness tester: used for FRP hardness measurement of FRP products. Universal hardness tester: Hardness value measurement under various hardness scales. Micro hardness tester: It is a Vickers hardness tester. , Vickers hardness test for very thin workpieces. Shore hardness tester: used to determine the Shore hardness values of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.