How to use the portable Leeb hardness tester correctly

- Jan 26, 2019-

How to use the portable Leeb hardness tester properly 1. Replace the impact device must be in the off state, otherwise the type of the impact device cannot be automatically recognized, and the instrument board may be damaged. 2. Under normal circumstances, the current measured value cannot be stored when the set number of impacts is not reached. If you want to store at this time, you can press the [Average] key to end the measurement and store it in advance. 3. When the [Average] key is pressed to end the measurement in advance, the functions of [Automatic Storage] and Automatic Data Transmission in the [System Settings] menu do not work. 4. Only D-type and DC-type impact devices have strength measurement function, so when using other types of impact devices, the [hardness/strength] setting cannot be modified. If the D/DC type impact device is set to [strength], Replace with other impact devices, the [Hardness/Strength] setting will be automatically changed to [Hardness]. 5. When the [Strength] measurement is set, the hardness system cannot be set (the cursor will be skipped from [Hardness System]).