Rockwell hardness tester, digital display Rockwell hardness tester maintenance and care

- Jan 17, 2019-

Rockwell hardness tester is an instrument used to test the hardness of metal products. In daily maintenance and maintenance, we have to do the following: 1. To carry the hardness timer, the weight and indenter must be removed, and the pressure head seat and sample The anti-vibration pad is clamped between the stations; the original package should be restored for long-distance transportation. 2. The surface of the sample stage and the standard hardness block should be clean and free from contamination, scratches, rubs and bruises; 3. The sample to be tested must be placed smoothly during the test, and the support is reliable, ensuring no displacement or deformation during the test. 4. Pay attention to dustproof and anti-corrosion media in daily working environment and after shutdown. In some wet areas, always pay attention to rust prevention. 5. The sample stage lifting screw should be lubricated regularly. The specific method is as follows: remove the sample stage and the protection ring, loosen the screw sheath, inject a few drops of light lubricating oil onto the screw, then turn the hand wheel, and repeatedly lift the screw to make the lubricating oil evenly distributed. Finally, reinstall the sheath and other things. Note that the lubricant should not be injected too much. 6. Any commissioning and inspection, such as loading and unloading weights, removing the top cover, removing the cable, and opening the side door, should be turned off. 7. It is forbidden to switch the test force while the indenter is in contact with the test sample. 8. The loading and unloading head should be carefully and carefully ensured that the tip is free from damage and contamination, and the mounting surface is clean and free of foreign matter. Long-term use should not be removed properly, pay attention to rust prevention.