Rockwell hardness tester price

- Jan 12, 2019-

Rockwell hardness tester price is one of the first needs mentioned before customers purchase Rockwell hardness tester. The factors affecting the price of the Rockwell hardness tester are mainly the indenter, the buffer device, the test hardness system, the test range, the shape, and the data processing software. Choosing the right Rockwell hardness tester can not only meet the performance test requirements of the hardness tester, but also minimize your purchase budget. The Times Rockwell Hardness Tester team provides the test Rockwell hardness tester from the purchase, commissioning and installation according to the user's requirements. The whole set of services after sale, whether you are purchasing Rockwell hardness tester equipment or agents for bidding, [Introduction to Rockwell Hardness Tester] Rockwell hardness measurement method is one of the most commonly used hardness test methods. It is expressed by the indentation (diamond cone or hardened steel ball) under the action of load (including preload and main load) and the plastic deformation concentration of the material pressed into it. Generally, the greater the depth of the material being pressed, the softer the material; the smaller the concentration of the press-in, the harder the material. It is suitable for measuring the Rockwell hardness of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. It is widely used in Rockwell hardness testing of heat-treated materials such as quenching and quenching. Rockwell hardness testers come in many different types and constructions, but the construction principles and main components are the same. Mainly by the indenter, load code, main lever, measuring lever, dial, buffer device, stage, lifting screw, loading hand wheel, unloading hand wheel and other components constitute Rockwell hardness tester test operation is simple, rapid measurement, The hardness value is directly read on the indicator sheet, and the work efficiency is high, which is one of the most commonly used hardness test methods. Due to the small test force, the indentation is also small, especially the surface Rockwell hardness test has a smaller indentation. It has no effect on the use of most workpieces. It can directly test the finished workpiece. The initial test force is used to make the sample surface slightly The unevenness has little effect on the hardness value. Therefore, the instrument is very suitable for use in factories. It is suitable for batch-by-piece inspection of batch-processed finished or semi-finished workpieces. The test method has low requirements for measurement operations. Professionals are easy to master. We all provide you with professional pre-sales services.