The application and characteristics of Rockwell hardness tester

- Jan 14, 2019-

Rockwell hardness testers have been widely used in industrial production, and become the main means to verify product quality and determine reasonable processing technology. It can test various black and non-ferrous metals and test the hardness of hardened steel, tempered steel, annealed steel, case hardened steel, various thickness plates, cemented carbide materials, powder metallurgy materials, and thermal spray coatings. Surface Rockwell hardness tester for testing the hardness of thin-plate metal, thin-walled pipe, case-hardened steel and small parts Rockwell hardness tester Manual Rockwell hardness tester is easy to operate, quick to measure, and can read hardness directly on the indicator Value, high efficiency, and become one of the most commonly used hardness test methods. Due to the small test force, the indentation is also small, especially the surface Rockwell hardness test has a smaller indentation. It has no effect on the use of most workpieces. It can directly test the finished workpiece. The initial test force is used to make the sample surface slightly The unevenness has little effect on the hardness value. Therefore, the instrument is very suitable for use in factories. It is suitable for batch-by-piece inspection of batch-processed finished or semi-finished workpieces. The test method has low requirements for measurement operations. Professionals are easy to master.