Metallographic Automatic Specimen Precision Cutting Machine

Model Q-100B metallographic specimen cutting machine is suitable for cutting general metallographic and lithofacies material specimens.Especially the competitive price .

Product Details

Product description:


Q-100B Tiptronic Metallographic Abrasive Cutter is composed of main machine, electric control box, cutting room, motor, cooling system, cutting grinding wheel and other parts. Thismachine has the manual cutting and automatic cutting.


1.LED shows all kinds of cutting data

2.cutting 5-100mm

3.cutting volume 100mm x 200mm

4.manual cutting/automatic cutting arbitary switching

5.big cutting room,toughened glass observation window

6.portable cutting way , improve the cutting quality

7.automatic return function feed cutting way,increase the cutting depth

Application :


It is more convenient for user to use because of the large cutting chamber and meanwhile it is  one of the sample preparation equipment of colleges and universities, factories and enterprises for metallographic test.


Optional accessories :Vertical clamp , Crosstable


1、 Packaging

Outside packed in wooden cases , and inside filled with foam ,so as to prevent collisions during the transportation.




We have formed a complete transportation system, with many long-term cooperative transportation companies supporting air, sea and land transportation to send goods.


Of course, we canalsosend productsby air express.



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