Multi-function Metallographic Laboratory Precision Saws

QG4A is mainly used for cutting irregular general metallographic sample materials such as round cylinder and polygon and protruding platforms, etc.
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QG-4A Multi-function Metallographic Laboratory Precision Saws is suitable for cutting general irregular metallurgical sample materials, such as cylinder,polygon materials ect., in order to observe the material microstructure, petrographic organization. This machine adopted by double cover fully enclosed structure.

QC-4A (9)

It guarantees to cutting samples under absolute security condition. he equipped cooling system can clear up the heat produced during cutting so that it will avoid the metallographic or lithofacies structure deforming of specimen because of heating influence, while increasing the cutting section and improving the utilization of cutting grinding wheel.

The Multi-function Metallographic Laboratory Precision Saws is the necessary specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges.

QC-4A (8)


QC-4A (14)


Outside packed in wooden cases , and inside filled with foam ,so as to prevent collisions during the transportation.




We have cooperated with some transpotation companies and shipping companies,and we can transport products to any port in our country or  the port of destination.


Of course, we can also send productsby air express.






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