SQ-80 /100 manual metallographic sample cutting machine for materials testing lab

The cutting machine is quiet convenient , safety and reliable .It is one of the specimen-making equipments necessary for metallographical test for factory ,researching unit and college and university laboratory .
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Product introduction:

Model SQ-80/100 Metallographic specimen cutting machine can be used to cut various metal and non-metal materials so as to get specimen and observe the metallographic or lithofacies structure. It has cooling system so as to clear up the heat produced during cutting and avoid to burn the metallographic or lithofacies structure of specimen because of superheat.

SQ-80/SQ-100is an especially user-friendly abrasive cutting machine with manual cut-off. Opening the machine folds away the hood to the inside so that the whole cutting chamber is easily accessible.It has solid structure, safety lock on hood, The round window opens a wide field of view during the cutting process.

SQ-100 (2)

Application range:

This machine features easy operation and reliable safety. It is the necessary specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of college.

Technical Specifications:



 Packaging and Shipping :

Metallographic specimen cutting machine outside packed in wooden cases , and inside filled with foam ,so as to prevent collisions during the transportation.

We have formed a complete transportation system, with many long-term cooperative transportation companies supporting air, sea and land transportation to send goods.

Of course, we canalsosend productsby air express.微信图片_2020061510410211_副本

Company profile:

Laizhou lailuote testing instrument Co.,ltd. is founded in 2007,today one of Chinese leading manufacturers of metallographic sample cutting machine. Our products are widely used in quality control, college, laboratories and industries,and exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions in the world, and have won very high praise.