Customized LM-2 Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder Grinding And Polishing Machine

This machine is a wet grinder; it makes use of different sizes of sand paper, carries out the grinding on the sample of various metals and the alloy.
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Main features :

LM-2 Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder Grinding And Polishing Machine is a wet grinder; it makes use of different sizes of sand paper, carries out the grinding on the sample of various metals and the alloy.

Using the pre-grinding machine, beside the replacement of manual sample by mechanical polishing can improve efficiency, it can also completely remove the traces of plastic deformation and surface in the process of specimen cutting, after further polishing, and it will have the micro-measurement of the organization.


In the process of working, the pre-grinding machine can inject cooling water into the rotating millstone through the rotating-water; the sandpaper can stick to the millstone through the power of atmospheric pressure, so there is no need for bonded or clamping sandpaper.

This machine is equipped with beautiful and practical fiberglass shell, the full use of stainless steel standard parts, the body will never rust, and thereby it greatly enhances the product's performance, so that it becomes the ideal equipment of pre-grinding specimen.


M-2 pre-grinding machine, the grinding disc can be changed quickly. Change the working disc or change metallographic sand paper and polishing textile, it can realize the working procedures of pre-grinding, this makes it more applicable.



This machine is suitable to proceed rough grinding and fine grinding for specimen preparation. It is the ideal sample preparation equipment to be used in enterprises, scientific researching institutes and laboratories in colleges and universities.



Grinding wheel diameter


Abrasive paper


Rotate speed



YSR7146, 0.55KW, 380V, 50HZ





Delivery Packaging and Shipping& Delivery:

1、Delivery Packaging

We use internal foam packaging and outer wooden box packaging to ensure the integrity of the products during the delivery process.Covered with foam firm before put them into the wooden case , which not only has good shock absorption , impactresistance , heat sealing and also hastheadvantages of nontoxic , odorless , moisture corrosion , good transparency ect .


2、Shipping& Delivery


Of course, we canalsosend productsby air express.


Company profile:

Laizhou lailuote testing instrument Co.,ltd. specializes in researching&developing, manufacturing hardness testers and metallographic preparation instruments. Our products are Widely used in quality control, college, laboratories and industries.Founded in 2007, Located in the “base of china hardness testers”-Laizhou city ,Lailuote is today one of China’s leading manufacturers of hardness testers and metallographic preparation products.



(1).Q:Can we send sample for customizing the machine ?

A : No problem,you can send us samples ,and our engineer will recommend and customize the machine according to your product and other demand .

(2).Q: If we have problem on machine or production , can you help us ?

A:Yes,no problem.We offer the Preventative Maintenance and after sales service.We test the machine before delivery.We offer comprehensive maintenance options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems.Also we offer one year guarantee period. If there is problem in using , you can tell us . Our engineer team will do best to help you solve the problem.We provide longlife service for the machine.

(3).Q:How can I get the price,photos and video about the machine ?

A:You can contact me online or send an inquiry . Please provide your request details as clearly as possible . So we can send the price to you as soon as possible. For design or further discussion,we can all receive QQ,Wechat,Skype or other instant methods to avoid any delay.We can provide you with all the details of our machines.We can manipulate the video for you if you need it. Of course, you can also visit our factory.

(4).Q:Why choose us ?

A: ①.We are an exporter of professional testing instrumentfactory.

②.We have rich experience for manufacturers of hardness testers and metallographic preparation products more than 40 years.

③. Our products are exported to many countries and regions in the world ,and the quality is highly praised by our customers .

④.We will provide service for the machine all the time. In addition,we provide very competitive price for you.


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