Single Disc Metallographic Sample Pre grinding machine

M-1 operates steadily in low noise ,and easily to use and maintain,especially the competitive price.
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The Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder grinding machine is a wet sander that polishes samples of various metals and alloys using metallographic sandpaper of different particle sizes. By adopting the pre-grinding machine, in addition to mechanical polishing instead of manual operation to improve the efficiency of preparing samples, it is also possible to completely remove the plastic deformation and surface heating traces generated during the cutting process of the sample, and further perform microscopic determination of the microstructure after polishing.

M-1 (2)

When the  Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder grinding machine is working, the cooling water is continuously injected into the rotating grinding disc through the rotary water nozzle, and the sandpaper can be closely attached to the grinding disc under the action of atmospheric pressure, so that the sandpaper does not need to be bonded or clamped. The  Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder grinding machine is equipped with a beautiful and practical FRP shell, completely using stainless steel standard parts, the machine will never rust, which greatly enhances the product's performance, making the machine an ideal equipment for sample pre-grinding.



The Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder grinding machine is surrounded by foam, then packed into wooden case, stable and reliable, without any gap, so there will be no damage in transportation.



Support sea and air transportation, according to the customer purchase quantity to choose, also can according to the customer demand to decide which way to send. Our purpose is to solve problems for customers, provide the best way of transportation, save costs, improve time efficiency, and ensure safety.


Company profile:

Laizhou lailuote test instrument Co.,ltd.  is founded in 2007,  one of Chinese leading manufacturers about hardness tester and metallographic sample machine. Widely used in quality control, college, laboratories and industries.




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