XQ-50 Full Automatic Metallographic Specimen Mounting Press

Automatic metallographic sample inlaying machine, with water cooling functions,easy to operate.Especially the competitive price.
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Product Details

Main features:

The sample inlaying machine can inlay improper samples in shape or size to meet the following sampling steps, to obtain required inspection surface, or to protect edges or surface defects caused in the course of sample preparation. In modern metallographic labs, semi-automatic or automatic grinding/polishing machines have a certain requirement in sample size, so the samples must be inlayed. The sample inlaying machine is an indispensable equipment in the metallographic labs.

The machine is an automatic metallographic sample inlaying machine with cooling function, applicable to thermal inlaying of all materials (thermoset and thermoplasticity). Set inlaying parameters such as heating temperature, heat holding time, acting force, etc., put sample and inlaying materials, close the gland, press down the button, and then the machine can inlay automatically without a watchman. The machines may change four kinds of dies at will according to various requirements of samples, and also can press two samples simultaneously.


It has the characteristics of several molds, by replacing the steel die sets, free to choose 25mm, 30mm, 40mm,50mm size.

Delivery Packaging and Shipping& Delivery:

1、Delivery Packaging

We use internal foam packaging and outer wooden box packaging to ensure the integrity of the products during the delivery process.Covered with foam firm before put them into the wooden case , which not only has good shock absorption , impactresistance , heat sealing and also hastheadvantages of nontoxic , odorless , moisture corrosion , good transparency ect .


2、Shipping& Delivery


Of course, we canalsosend productsby air express.


Company profile:

Laizhou lailuote testing instrument Co.,ltd. specializes in researching&developing, manufacturing hardness testers and metallographic preparation instruments. Our products are Widely used in quality control, college, laboratories and industries.Founded in 2007, Located in the “base of china hardness testers”-Laizhou city ,Lailuote is today one of China’s leading manufacturers of hardness testers and metallographic preparation products.