ZXQ-200A Automatic Mounting Machine

ZXQ-200A Automatic Mounting Machine

ZXQ-200A Automatic Mounting Machine

Product Details

ZXQ-200A-Simple Control Version Metallographic Specimen Mounting Machine is a lightweight automatic mounting machine newly developed by our company for the current market. Has obtained one appearance patent and two utility model patents. This machine completely solves the problems that the small inlay machine needs to be manually operated; the heating power is low and the pressure is low (most of the small-scale measured heating power is less than 600W, and the pressure is less than 150Kg). This machine is comprehensive and cost-effective, with one-key sample preparation, and automatic stop when rising and falling. It is an ideal substitute for manual inlaying machines.

The control panel is composed of temperature and time controller, up and down buttons, start and stop buttons, and power switch. The comprehensive sample preparation time is 8-10min, and the performance is better than that of the hand-operated inlay machine currently on the market. The temperature and time control adopts an intelligent integrated controller, with one-button sample preparation, automatic tracking and pressure, the operator can handle other business in the sample preparation gap; the use of large-diameter 22 mm buttons is suitable for the operator to wear protective gloves to operate.

Main Specifications:

Pressure method: electric pressure

Maximum pressure: 200Kg

Maximum heating power: 800-1000W

Temperature control range: 0-150℃

Time control range: 0-999S

Cooling method: natural convection

Input voltage: AC220V (other standard voltage can be customized)

Whole machine power: less than 1200W

Dimensions: 450×450×500 (length×width×height)

Whole machine quality: 45Kg

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