Hardness Tester There Are Also Requirements For The Working Environment

- Jan 24, 2019-

Everyone knows that no matter what equipment, the working environment is an important factor in whether the equipment can work safely. The dry and clean working environment is the most needed working environment for the hardness tester. The wet environment will make the equipment parts of the hardness tester rust easily, which will make the equipment more difficult to operate. Working in such an environment for a long time will make the hardness of the hardness tester more Great. Therefore, for the environment of the hardness tester, the user needs to pay attention to it.

Hardness test is the most rapid, economical and simple test method for evaluating the mechanical properties of metals. The essence of hardness is the ability of materials to resist the intrusion of another harder material. The purpose is to determine the applicability of the material. Since the liquid crystal panel of the hardness tester is small and the resolution is high, any fine dust particles may affect the projection effect. So be sure to keep the environment around the hardness tester clean.

Finally, it is important to remember that each time before or after using the hardness tester, the surrounding environment should be cleaned to avoid the entry of tiny sand particles.