How To Correct The Hardness Tester Of The Hardness Tester

- Jan 10, 2019-

How to calibrate the Leeb hardness tester, the furnace temperature curve tester must be mastered using the Leeb hardness tester. The calibration method of the portable Leeb hardness tester is similar. 

The anemometer is based on the era TH160 as an example to introduce the calibration method of the lower Leeb hardness tester. Before using the instrument for the first time, before using it for a long time, before using it again, before turning off the battery switch, you must calibrate the instrument and the impact device with a random hardness block before using it again. When one main unit is equipped with multiple types of impact devices, each one only needs to be calibrated once, and the illuminometer needs to be re-calibrated after the probe is replaced.