Method For Reducing The Error Of Small Workpieces Detected By Leeb Hardness Tester

- Jan 19, 2019-

The Leeb hardness tester detects small workpiece errors. This has always been a big problem for users to use the Leeb hardness test. Today, Dongfang Jiayi Xiaobian introduces you to reduce the error of the small workpieces detected by the Leeb hardness tester. Some help. The principle of the Leeb hardness tester is to reflect the hardness value according to the ratio of the rebound speed to the impact speed through the electromagnetic induction coil converted into a digital signal. However, when the Leeb hardness tester impacts the workpiece, the hardness of the workpiece is small due to the small workpiece or the workpiece is unstable. The hardness cannot be displayed or the hardness value is low. This proves that the force that has lost the rebound is absorbed by the workpiece. In fact, this mainly occurs in the measurement of hollow parts, thin plates and softer metal materials. Here are some ways to reduce the error of the small workpieces detected by the Leeb hardness tester: 1. For hollow materials such as pipes, try not to hit the transverse end face, or It is difficult but effective to add support in the pipe wall. Measuring the surface diameter of 20mm-100mm requires an optional curved support ring. 2. For the thickness of the thin plate should be more than 5mm (the workpiece below 5mm should not choose the Leeb hardness tester). The butter should be evenly coated on the back of the measurement. The air is forced out of the platform and can not be moved. Do not apply too much butter. 3, to ensure that the metal material finish should be less than 7um RA surface finish is better, the hardness value is higher. 4. The cylinder with a solid core to ensure a stable small point of the workpiece is preferably added with a V-shaped table. 5. When measuring hardness, efforts should be made to improve the surface roughness, weight and coupling degree of the workpiece. If the surface roughness is poor and it is difficult to handle the workpiece, it is better to choose the G-type impact device.