Discount Electric Extended Rockwell Hardness Tester Made In China

HRDJ-150 electric extended Rockwell hardness tester is based on ordinary electric Rockwell hardness tester. The appearance and worktable are customized to make it more widely used. The lengthened table can be used to measure relatively large workpieces.

Product Details


Discount Electric Extended Rockwell Hardness Tester

Product introduction:

1. The body part of Electric extended Rockwell hardness tester is formed by casting process in one time and has been aged for a long time. Compared with the panel technology, long-term use of shape variable is very small, and can effectively adapt to various harsh environments;

2. Automobile baking paint, high grade paint, scratch resistance, many years of use is still bright as new;

3. Large worktable 400 * 600mm (customizable) can test large workpieces smoothly;

4. The dial can read the hardness value directly, and other scales with Rockwell can be selected;

5. The friction free spindle is adopted, and the test force precision is high;

6. The integrated casting precision hydraulic buffer is adopted, which has no buffer leakage, stable loading and unloading, no impact and adjustable speed;

7. The double axis linkage synchronous lifting structure with expansion and tightening device makes the lifting stable;

8. The accuracy is in accordance with GB / t230.2, iso6508-2 and ASTM E18.


Application range:

1.Electric Extended Rockwell Hardness Tester is widely used to measure Rockwell hardness of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials;

2. It is mainly used to measure Rockwell hardness of heat treatment materials such as quenching and quenching and tempering;

3. Cemented carbide, carburized steel, quenched steel, surface hardened steel, cast steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, malleable casting, soft steel, Quenched and tempered steel, annealed steel, bearing and other materials;

4. Especially suitable for relatively large workpieces.


Technical parameters:



Measurement range


Test force


Max. height of test piece


Depth of throat


Hardness resolution



AC 220V,50Hz






Delivery Packaging and Shipping& Delivery:


Before shipment, we put hardness tester on the wood pallet and tighten it with screws, then put enough foam around it to prevent collision damage during transportation. Secondly, we use the wooden box to pack the hardness testing machine and tighten it tightly with screws. Finally, it will be completely locked outside the wooden box with the packing belt.


We have a complete transportation system, from our factory to any port in China, and long-term cooperation with many shipping companies ,so as to provide faster and safer transportation.


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