Brass Threaded Plumbing Coupling

Brass Threaded Plumbing Coupling

Convenient and quick measurement of a variety of metal materials and other hardness values
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We are committed to providing customized products of Superficial Hardness Tester, Knoop Hardness Tester, Digital Shore Hardness Tester for customers in different industries, offering professional, rapid and one-stop service. Nowadays, our business cover all around the world, with customers from some well-known enterprises and committed to explore new markets actively. Our company implements market-oriented, information development, talent development, scientific and technological development, and pursues higher enterprise value and higher social effect.

HLN-160 digital rebound hardness tester with printer

Main features:

Convenient and quick measurement of a variety of metal materials and other hardness values;

Menu operation, user-friendly interface, clear and generous, not affected by voltage fluctuations;

Measurement accurate, with software calibration and hardware calibration function;

Can be equipped with seven kinds of impact devices, active automatic identification, does not need to re-alignment when replacement ;

Equipped with micro-printer, the default tolerance limit, overrun alarm, display clock function, is a high degree of intelligence hardness test equipment.


High-volume test of annealing, tempering, quenching and other heat treatment workpiece;

Field hardness testof mechanical or permanent assembly parts after installation;

Heavy workpiece, mold, bearings, gears and other hardness testing;

Failure Analysis of Pressure Vessel, Turbogenerator and Its Equipment;


Measuring range


Test force


Hardness conversion



Large screen graphic dot matrix LCD

Data storage

250groups(impact times1-26)

Indication error


Software calibration range


Continuous working time

About 1000H(backlight shut)

Print paper width


Working voltage


Continuous working time

About 50H

Communication interface standard






Standard accessories:

D-type impact device:1 pc

Small supporting ring : 1 pc

Standard leeb hardness block:1pc


Adhesives:1 bottle

We can provide customers with comprehensive and overall solutions, which is not only reflected in the Brass Threaded Plumbing Coupling design, but also includes the improvement of operational efficiency and after-sales service support. We have advanced production process and testing means to make our products continuously and stably meet the needs of new and old customers. We are recruiting talents in continuous development and change, and sincerely hope to encourage each employee to develop themselves.
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