Dhv-1000 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Dhv-1000 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Automatic testing process , ,the observation, testing, measurement position converted by the motorized turret , no maneuvering error
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HV-1000Z automatic turret micro vickers hardness tester

Main features:

Frictionless loading shaft, high precision ;

High precision optical measurement system, precise coordinate test bench;

Automatic testing process , ,the observation, testing, measurement position converted by the motorized turret , no maneuvering error;

Equipped printer prints the hardness test results;

Optional Knox pressure test for Knoop hardness test;

Optional CCD camera and image processing system;

Precision conforms to the Standards of GB/T4340.2, ISO 6507-2 and ASTM E384.


Nitrided layer, ceramic, steel, nonferrous metals;

Metal sheet, electroplated layer, micro specimen;

Depth measurement of carbonized layer, decarburized layer, and quenched hardened layer;

Precise Vickers measurements for parallel planes and tiny parts and ultra-thin parts.


Measuring range


Test scale





Min test unit


Max height of specimen


Throat depth



AC220V 50/60HZ





Standard accessories:

Coordinate anvil : 1pc

Thin shaft anvil :1pc

Thin plate anvil :1pc

Flat nose plier:1pc

Big and small V block: 1 each

Diamond pyramid penetrator :1pc

Micro-Vickers standardized block: 2 pc

Printer : 1pc

Optional accessories:

Knoop indenter

CCD image processing system

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