Digital Superficial Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine (SHR-45D)

Digital Superficial Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine (SHR-45D)

Digital display, directly reading result , resolution up to 0.1HR,Convertible hardness value
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After years of exploration and production experience accumulation, we have updated our understanding and practical actions in Automatic Mounting Press, Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, Rubber Durometer production, research and development, independent innovation and cooperation with customers. From the beginning of our company to now, we have achieved today's brilliance with tenacious persistence and transcendence. During the 10 years of operating, our company always try our best to bring consumption satisfaction for user, built a brand name for ourselves and a solid position in the international market with major partners come from many countries.

HRS-150T Manual digitalRockwell hardness testing machine

Main features :

Digital display, directly reading result , resolution up to 0.1HR,Convertible hardness value;

Manual operation without electricity;

Precise oil buffer , loading speed adjustable;

Precision conforms to GB/T230.2 National Standard,ISO6508-2,ASTM E18 standard.


It's suitable to determine the Rockwell hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and non-metal materials.It is suitable for the hardness test of heat-treated materials and hardness alloy materials such as quenching and tempering.


Measuring range

20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC



Max. height of test piece


Depth of throat


Hardness resolution



466 x 238 x 630mm


approx. 65kg

Standard accessories:

Large flat anvil: 1 pc.

Small flat anvil: 1 pc.

V-notch anvil: 1 pc.

Diamond cone indenter : 1 pc.

1/16" steel ball indenter: 1 pc.

Rockwell standardized block: 5 pcs

The successful development and implementation of our Digital Superficial Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine (SHR-45D) will support the development of the industry and the enhancement of economic benefits. We make employees feel the respect, help and care of the company through a complete care system, so that employees love the company, love their work, and love the company as at home. Our company has adhered to the business philosophy of "talent as capital, technology as motivation, and customer needs as our responsibility.
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