Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine with Abrasive Cutter Wheels

Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine with Abrasive Cutter Wheels

metallographic sample cutting machine can do the first stage work of metallographic sample preparation .High speed rotating thin grinding wheel is used to cut samples.

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Main features :

Q-2 Manual Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine is suitable for cutting general metallography and lithofacies material specimens.

Q-2 (6)

Metallographic sample preparation process, the cutting of the sample material sample preparation procedures to achieve a safe state cut the best, cutting machine with high-speed rotating sheets to enhance the grinding wheel to cut the sample, avoid cutting the specimen overheating and burn material organization, the machine is equipped with a cooling system used to take away the heat generated during cutting.

The machine has easy operation, easy maintenance, and other advantages, it is the necessary specimen preparing instrument for factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges.

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Before shipment, we put the Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine on the wooden pallet and tighten it with screws, then put enough foam around it to prevent collision damage during transportation. Secondly, we will use the wooden box to pack the cutter and tighten it tightly with screws. Finally, it will be completely locked outside the wooden box with the packing belt.




We have a very complete transportation system, from our factory to any port in China, and we have long-term cooperation with many shipping companies ,so as to provide faster and safer maritime transportation.


Of course, for some lighter and smaller products, we suggest sending them by air express..


We provide one year warranty to all the products we supply , consumable spare parts excluded;

24-Hour online technical support or email communication;


Quick response to questions from the customer , quick production arrangement after order confirmation;


Free technical support and training , free trouble-shooting solution.




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