P-1 Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine

P-1 Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine

Q-100B model is composed of main machine, electric control box, cutting room, motor, cooling system, cutting grinding wheel and other parts.
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Through years of hard work, we now have a strong economic strength, a superb technical team and good after-sales service. We have not only achieved a good reputation in the Metallographic Cut Off Saw, Bench Top Hardness Tester, Metallographic Polishing Cloth market, but also won a large number of partners. In response to the challenges of global climate change, our company helps customers and other industries to reduce energy consumption and waste emissions through green production programs, and create social, economic and environmental benefits. We provide foreign customers with the products they need in the shortest possible time. We adhere to the people-oriented principle, implement scientific management, and continuously innovate in product development, quality management, brand building and corporate culture.

Q-100B automatic laboratorymetallgraphic specimen preparation machine

metallographic sample cutting machine

Main features:

Q-100B model is composed of main machine, electric control box, cutting room, motor, cooling system, cutting grinding wheel and other parts. The cutting machine can not only cut diameter of 100mm within the circular workpiece, but also can cut rectangular specimens within the cutting of hight 100mm, depth 200mm. The machine cool the sample through a cooling system to prevent overheating and burning during the cutting process. The machine can also set the cutting speed in accordance with the different specimen so as to improve the quality of cutting samples. The machine has the manual cutting and automatic cutting. It is more convenient for user to use because of the large cutting chamber and meanwhile it is s one of the sample preparation equipment of colleges and universities, factories and enterprises for metallographic test.


Input power

Three-phase 380V 50HZ

Wheel speed


Wheel size


Max cutting diameter


Max moving travel


Max wroking table travel




Feed speed


Working table size




Net weight


Water tank net weight


Optional accessories :Vertical clamp, Cross table

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