Portable Leeb Hardness Tester

Portable Leeb Hardness Tester

With a self-test function, factory parameters recovery function, 5 minutes automatic shutdown function
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We pay attention to product quality, focus on customer experience, and is one of the most outstanding companies in the domestic and foreign Hardness Standard Test Blocks, Metallographic Specimen Preparation, Shore C Hardness Tester industry. Our existence is to pursue a harmonious atmosphere of mutual help, mutual encouragement and common progress, to help employees continuously improve their quality, and to work together to build a better business. Our company is committed to continuous innovation and development of new products, new technologies and new processes.

HLN-120 leeb hardness tester

Main features:

With a self-test function, factory parameters recovery function, 5 minutes automatic shutdown function;

Graphic dot matrix lcd (128 * 64) display, not affected by voltage fluctuations;

Two modes of operation, direct mode and menu mode;

With software calibration function, to ensure measurement accuracy;

The machine can be equipped with 7 different impact devices, automatic identification of the impact device type;

Large capacity memory, can store 500 groups (up to 13000 words measured) data.


The hardness test of the product in the mass production process;

Hardness test of annealing, tempering, quenching and other heat treatment material;

Field test of mechanical permanent assembly parts after installation;

Heavy workpiece, die steel, bearings, gears and other hardness testing;

Failure analysis of pressure vessel, turbogenerator and Its Equipment.


Measuring range


Test force


Test material

10 types

Hardness conversion


Working voltage


Continuous working time

About 1000H(backlight shut )

Communication interface standard






Standard accessories:

D-type impact device:1 pc

Small supporting ring : 1 pc

leeb standardized hardness block:1pc


Adhesives:1 bottle

By strictly implementing our production process, we will continue to improve the quality of our Portable Leeb Hardness Tester and meet the needs of our customers as always. We have integrated advanced production equipment and established standardized production management processes, manufacturing systems and quality standards. With the scientific enterprise management means and strong capital operation ability, our company develops continuously in the market competition.


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