Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

Menu operation, Chinese large screen display, user-friendly interface, not affected by voltage fluctuations

Product Details

In order to better develop our Benchtop Brinell Hardness Tester, Superficial Hardness Tester, Rebound Hardness Tester, we continuously gather high-quality and high-tech talents to form a team of technical talents for development and research. On the basis of humanist, our company make a good progress in the field because of our advanced technique and attractive designs. We constantly cultivate the reform and innovation spirit of enterprising and daring employees. Through continuous improvement of new technology, we ensure that customers' needs and requirements are fully understood and met. We treat each customer in accordance with the industry integrity, do not falsely report the product price, when the customer orders, we will grasp the production to ensure the construction period.

HLN-200 leeb rebound hardness tester

Main features:

Menu operation, Chinese large screen display, user-friendly interface, not affected by voltage fluctuations;

Measurement accuracy, with software calibration and hardware calibration dual function;

Two modes of operation, direct mode, menu mode;

Can be equipped with seven kinds of impact devices, the host automatically identify,no need to recalibrate when replacement ;

With preset tolerance limit, overrun alarm, display clock function, suitable for on-site batch measurement.


The hardness test of the product in the mass production process;

Field test of mechanical permanent assembly parts after installation;

Heavy workpiece, die steel, bearings, gears and other hardness testing;

Hardness detection of small cavity of mold cavity and mechanical parts;

Failure analysis of pressure vessel, turbogenerator and Its Equipment.


Measuring range

150-960HLD,17-68.5HRC, 19-651HV,

30-100HS, 59-851HB,13-100HRB

Test force



Large screen graphic dot matrix LCD(320*240)

Data storage

500groups(compact time 1-26)

Indication error


Working voltage


Continuous working time

About 50H(backlight shut )

Communication interface standard






Standard accessories:

D-type impact device:1 pc

Small supporting ring : 1 pc

Standard leeb hardness block:1pc


Adhesives:1 bottle

The Portable Rebound Hardness Tester developed by our company has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, complete functions, reliable quality and high efficiency. Our company has long-term friendly cooperation with large enterprises at home and abroad, and has the right of self import and export. Never ever disappearing major functions within a quick time, it's a have to for you of fantastic good quality.


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