Professional Inverted Metallurgical Microscope (PW-BDS500MT)

Professional Inverted Metallurgical Microscope (PW-BDS500MT)

Main features: 4XC-type metallographic microscope is mainly used to identify and analyze the internal structure of the metal structure
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4XC Trinocular inverted metallurgical microscope


Main features: 4XC-type metallographic microscope is mainly used to identify and analyze the internal structure of the metal structure, which is metallographic study of the important instruments, is the industrial sector to identify key product quality equipment, mainly for the identification and analysis of various metals and Alloy structure, used in factories or laboratories for the identification of casting quality, testing of raw materials or material processing microstructure research and analysis work.

Main specification:

Plane eyepiece

WF10X/Φ18, WF12.5X/Φ15

Graduated ocular

WF10X/Φ18, 0.1mm

Flat-field achromatic objective lens

Scale cross division plate, adjustable focus

The total magnification


Triocular head

Hinge type,30̊ incline


4 holes

Coarse-fine tuning range

25mmMicro scale,2μmRough micro - axis focus


Double mechanical size:180*150mm

Stage moving range

Moving scale:15*15mm Φ10/20mm micro slide each, Vernier scale 0.1mm

Pupil distance


Mechanical tube length



Adjustable brightness, with iris, PAR lamp 6V 20w


Net weight 8.5kg , gross weight: 10.0kg


Instrument size: 20*56*35cm

Packaging size: 29*43*59cm

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